What products does a hot melt adhesive manufacturer make?

What products does a hot melt adhesive manufacturer make?

A hot melt adhesive manufacturer ensures that customers can assemble and repair their products with reliable engineered bonding solutions. Hot melt adhesives are a special type of bonding solution. When it comes to the availability of all types of hot melt adhesives in the market, a manufacturer plays a central role.

Who is a hot melt adhesive manufacturer?

A hot melt adhesive manufacturer is at the top of the supply chain of the global adhesive industry. These organizations specialize in the production and supply of hot melt adhesives. The hot melt adhesives are produced as a solid at room temperature. They can then be melted and used in the molten state for bonding different surfaces together. The activities of a hot melt adhesive manufacturer vary to include:

  • Product formulation:They work to develop adhesive products that meet various bonding requirements.
  • Product manufacturing:These manufacturers create a wide range of hot melt adhesive products in different forms like pellets, sticks, and so on.
  • Quality control: They ensure that these hot melt adhesives are produced with the right techniques for the best possible products.
  • Research and development:The adhesive product manufacturers always research and develop new adhesive solutions and technologies that are meant to meet a wide range of industry needs. This R&D effort is usually meant to satisfy the needs of their customers such as businesses, individuals, product makers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and so on.
  • Technical support:Hot glue adhesive manufacturers usually assist their customers with technical support whenever this is needed.
  • Custom solutions:They also provide their customers with custom solutions wherever possible.
  • Product packaging and distribution:They package and distribute a wide range of adhesive products to their clients and customers in different formats and quantities.


What is a hot melt adhesive?

Hot melt adhesives are also called hot glue. They are thermoplastic adhesive products that are naturally solid materials at ordinary temperatures. But when heated, they are transformed into a molten state. Hot melt adhesives are widely applied in various applications and industries such as manufacturing, packaging, woodworking, and crafts. Hot melt adhesives are a special type of engineering bonding solution that is popular. They are popular in the industry due to the following characteristics:

  • They produce fast bonds to quickly join up the surfaces together.
  • They are very versatile and can be used on various surfaces.
  • They can be easily applied when used for various bonding tasks.


Hot melt adhesives: Some products available through a manufacturer

When it comes to hot melt adhesives, several products can be obtained from the product manufacturers. All of these products are made to suit specific uses. They come with a wide range of advantages such as ease of use, strong bonds, and setting times. Some of the available hot melt adhesive products from manufacturers include:

  1. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate):This is a type of hot melt adhesive that is used specifically for product packaging and woodworking. It is used to assemble various products.
  2. Polyolefin hot melt adhesives:These are hot melt adhesive solutions that can be used to bond different materials such as cardboard, plastics, and paper.
  3. Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesive:This is also known as a nylon hot melt adhesive that comes with amazing flexibility and strength. These are types of adhesives that can be used in electronics, automotive, and textiles.
  4. Polyurethane hot melt adhesives:These are the adhesives that are suitable for applications such as the construction and automotive industries. This product is useful when it comes to applications that need durability. It also resists environmental factors.
  5. Metallocene Hot Melt Adhesive:This is a type of industrial hot melt adhesive that is known to produce high-performance bonding. It is used for labelling and packaging applications.
  6. Pressure-sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive:The pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesives are specially engineered bonding solutions that are used in tapes, labels, and various other applications. They can be used to form engineering bonds with the application of slight pressure.
  7. Hot Melt Adhesives for bookbinding:These are industrial adhesives that are engineered for the book production and publishing industries. They are meant to be used for bonding various books and numerous printed materials.
  8. Hot Melt Adhesive for hygiene products:These are special hot melt adhesives that are used for the production of various hygiene products, sanitary napkins, diapers, and so on.
  9. Hot melt adhesives for footwear:These are adhesives that are used in making shoes and various footwear.
  10. Hot melt adhesives for furniture:This is a hot melt adhesive that is used for furniture manufacture because of its quick and high-performance bonds.


Hot melt adhesive: From the solid state to the molten state 

As stated earlier, it can be seen that the hot melt adhesive is usually stored as a solid product under normal temperatures. However, when there is a need for use, the adhesive can be heated to form a liquid. This molten adhesive is used and applied in liquid form. This way, it can be easily made to flow to the needed application area. In industrial environments, we use a hot glue gun to apply these hot melt adhesives to the right location. Apart from a glue gun, other manual or automated dispensing equipment can be used to apply the solution.


What happens when they cool?

After the hot glue adhesive is applied to the needed surface of the material, it cools and becomes solid. When this happens, they create a high-strength adhesive bond between the material substrates. These strong bonds are desired in both industrial and commercial applications where high-strength adhesion is needed for durability and serviceability.

What to consider when buying hot melt adhesives

The global hot melt adhesive industry is made up of numerous manufacturers that offer a wide range of products. This is a very competitive industry that has so many adhesive manufacturers fighting for a considerable chunk of the market share. There are a lot of well-known adhesive companies in both China and the Western world. However, customers need to know that these manufacturers usually offer specific and generic hot melt adhesive solutions. Hot melt adhesive solutions from these manufacturers usually vary by application and region. This is why it is important for an adhesive customer to directly consult or contact a local distributor to get more important information on the product that they have to offer.

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