Quality Control

Adhesive Quality Assurance Programs:
We tailor quality assurance programs for your adhesive chemistries or curing processes to evaluate the critical attributes and fundamental properties of ongoing production batches, ensuring they meet specifications and supporting sourcing by monitoring the quality of incoming materials. Our QA programs typically include the collection of data to enable product and process performance, driving insight through the use of Statistical Process Control tools.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to everything we do at Deepmaterial. To make certain that every product we ship is consistent and of the highest quality, we put ourselves to the test. Every adhesive manufactured by the Deepmaterial team is subjected to our stringent 39 Point Quality Checklist. Before finished product leaves our facility, each order goes through our comprehensive 22 Point Shipping Checklist. The end result – satisfied customers who rely on us to keep their production running smoothly.

The Deepmaterial 39 Point Quality Checklist
In order to ensure the consistency of your adhesives, every product manufactured in Deepmaterial’s facility goes through an intensive 39 Point Quality Check List. This includes a number of tests, product vs. spec review, complete quality control analysis and a step-by-step manufacturing process. Utilizing the 39 Point Quality Checklist, Deepmaterial’s highly trained Production and Quality staff ensure that your material is manufactured to your specifications each and every time.

Check List Summary:
Here are just some of the actions that we take using the 39 Point Quality Check List:

*Ensure production area is clean and free of foreign objects. Loose items anywhere near batch production are both a safety hazard and a quality control violation.

*Carefully read batch ticket and check against Customer Database, Finished Goods Net Weight Chart and Finished Goods DOT Hazard List.

*Inspect mixer, tank and any process equipment involved in the manufacturing of the batch to ensure that they have been properly cleaned and are in safe, working order. Receive written approval from Quality Control, Technical Director or General Manager on items requiring inspection.

*Obtain a sample of the batch. (One retain jar that is a minimum of 90% full is required for testing.)

*Prepare finished product stick-on labels per Container Labeling section and Container Filling Work Instruction. Affix all labels with batch ticket to clipboard.

The Deepmaterial 22 Point Shipping Checklist
Before your materials arrive, you need to be confident that the details associated with the order match your exact requirements. Our 22 Point Shipping Checklist ensures that the quantity ordered matches the shipment, all proper paperwork is included, and the packaging is perfect. You will never question what you ordered and what will be delivered to your facility. The 22 Point Shipping Checklist also will insure that your shipment follows the requirements of countries around the world. We realize that you might be ordering and planning adhesive purchases months in advance; the 22 Point Shipping Checklist will ensure your shipment is accurate and on time. And we’ll notify you with A Shipping Confirmation E-mail, sent to you within 24 hours of shipping your order. You can rest easy knowing your order is on its way.”

Here are just some of the actions that we take using the 22 Point Shipping Checklist:
*Customer Database referenced and unique / requirements on products ordered are reviewed.

*Verify correct picking ticket printed for all products.

*Hazardous Material Declaration with 2 original signed ER guide pages – must be legible.

*Deepmaterial labels pasted neatly on the container.

*Container is clean. No product spillage / residue on the top or the sides of the container.

*Email alerts are sent as follows:
·After the Purchase Order: Po Confirmation sent within 24 hours
·After the Shipment: Shipment Confirmation sent within 24 hours with shipping information and invoice available