Industrial Adhesive
From our patents to the unparalleled industry experience of our team, Deepmaterial is the definition of expertise.
Our battle tested staff have vast knowledge spanning a myriad of industries across decades. In short, we know adhesives better than anyone.

Industrial Adhesive Manufacturers In China
Are you looking for a specific kind of industrial adhesives for your application? Deepmaterial is one of the best industrial adhesive glue manufacturers in china. Contact us and we will offer the right adhesives for your need.

Why Deepmaterial Adhesives?

We’re a professional adhesives manufacturer for industral products. At Deepmaterial, we are unyielding in our commitment – and delivering superior outcomes — to our customers. We provide industry changing innovations and approachable, friendly expertise for all of our solutions.

This includes a combination of the most superior adhesives, equipment and solutions available to the market today. Our advanced technologies coupled with unparalleled command for solving some of the most challenging manufacturing projects enable us to create the ideal adhesive results for virtually any application.


Deepmaterial adhesives primary focus is custom adhesive manufacturing and tailoring.


Adhesives Cover the main industrial, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.


Technical Support
We will provide you with product application and technical guidance.


Adhesives for chip packaging and testing, circuit board-level adhe- sives, and adhesives for electronic products.

Unmatched technology portfolio for adhesive industry
Deepmaterial offers the adhesive products for the global market, includes adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. We enable the transformation of entire industries, giving our customers a competitive advantage and offering consumers a unique experience. With trusted brands and high-impact solutions based on an unmatched technology portfolio, we are creating value for all our stakeholders.

Types Of Industrial Adhesives
Industrial adhesives are organic and inorganic chemical compounds that are used to join components. Products include acrylic, epoxy, hot melt, polyurethane, silicone, thermoset, and UV curing adhesives, as well as industrial sealants. Most industrial adhesives are used in fastening applications. Industrial sealants are used to fill gaps between seams, or on surfaces; and to contain fluids, prevent leaks, and prevent the infiltration of unwanted material. More…

Deepmaterial Adhesives, Sealants & Fillers For Electronics Technologies

Electronics innovation is anywhere in our lives. Just like drive hybrid and electric vehicles with advanced driver assistance systems, use smartphones to manage our work and play, see a new world through augmented reality (AR) headsets, enjoy personalized on-screen entertainment while flying in airplanes, and control our living space through connected home devices. But, years ago, most of these innovations were only a dream.

Industrial Bonding Adhesives

Whether you need to manage multi-material assembly, add structural strength, bond materials that don’t respond to traditional fasteners or lightweight a vehicle, our adhesives can help.

Deepmaterial adhesives can bond every material used by automotive manufacturers. Formulations can be customized to meet exacting specifications for original equipment or aftermarket applications. Our team of experts will be glad to collaborate with you on your next build.

Adhesive Applications
Adhesives Cover the main industrial, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Additionally, we focus on the new generation of adhesives, based on modern technologies such as nanotechnology, derivatised polymers, and biomimetic adhesives. The limited raw materials and the negative impact of synthetic adhesives on both human health and environment impose that further research is conducted with regard to renewable materials, in order to obtain environmentally safe bioadhesives that best fit their applicability domains. More…

Deepmaterial Adhesive Products
DeepMaterial has developed industrial adhesives for chip packaging and testing, circuit board-level adhe- sives, and adhesives for electronic products. Based on adhesives, it has developed protective films, semiconductor fillers, and packaging materials for semiconductor wafer processing and chip packaging and testing.More…

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DeepMaterial is consumer electronic industrial adhesive glue manufacturer and supplier in china.
We are focus on the latest science and technology about adhesives,  and we make them to many industrial appliactions.

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