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Adhesives can be defined as social substances capable to join permanently to surfaces, by an adhesive process. This process involves two dissimilar bodies being held in intimate contact such that mechanical force or work can be transferred across the interface. Since their early discovery by the Egyptians, 3300 years ago, intensive research efforts have been made with the purpose of obtaining high-quality, biocompatible adhesives. Bitumen, tree pitches and beeswax, used in ancient and mediaeval times, were replaced by rubber cements and natural and synthetic components; nowadays, the focus is being mostly on eco-friendly adhesives.

Adhesives Cover the main industrial, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Additionally, we focus on the new generation of adhesives, based on modern technologies such as nanotechnology, derivatised polymers, and biomimetic adhesives. The limited raw materials and the negative impact of synthetic adhesives on both human health and environment impose that further research is conducted with regard to renewable materials, in order to obtain environmentally safe bioadhesives that best fit their applicability domains.

Industrial Electric Motor Adhesive Suppliers: Empowering Efficiency

Industrial Electric Motor Adhesive Suppliers: Empowering Efficiency The electric motor adhesive industry is integral yet often forgotten. Its influence stretches far and wide - from powering heavy machinery to keeping up with today's day-to-day technology - electric motors are ubiquitous. Yet, it's what keeps them humming with efficiency that goes unnoticed:...

China Adhesive Manufacturers: Bridging Global Bonding Needs

China Adhesive Manufacturers: Bridging Global Bonding Needs China has emerged as a prominent player in various industrial sectors. One such sector that has witnessed remarkable growth and global recognition is the adhesive manufacturing industry. As China's manufacturing influence continues to expand, its adhesive manufacturing sector has evolved into a dynamic and...