You can now get custom products from an Epoxy Adhesive Glue Manufacturer

You can now get custom products from an Epoxy Adhesive Glue Manufacturer

An epoxy adhesive glue manufacturer does not just specialize in the production of generic adhesive products. They also help their industrial customers create unique epoxy adhesives based on their production requirements.


An overview on epoxy adhesive

An epoxy adhesive is a type of industrial bonding solution that is formulated with the use of epoxy resins. This special type of adhesive is known to have durable bonding properties. The adhesive solution is also very versatile and can bond a wide range of materials. Epoxy adhesives are usually made of two parts: they are made by mixing resins and hardeners. When you mix up these two components in the right ratio, this leads to a chemical reaction. It then works to produce a strong and durable adhesive bond.

Industrial use of epoxy adhesives

Within industrial environments, epoxy bonding solutions are used in a wide range of applications. They can be used for bonding a wide range of materials like wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, metals, and so on. Many customers prefer the use of custom epoxy-based solutions because of the following properties:

  • They are great for providing excellent adhesion
  • They provide excellent strength
  • They are great for excellent moisture and chemical resistance
  • They can easily bond to uneven surfaces
  • They can be used as fillers for covering gaps.


The bonding solution has a wide range of applications across multiple industries such as electronics, aerospace, automotive, construction, and many more. Manufacturers usually produce custom epoxies in different formulations such as heat-resistant, slow-curing, fast-curing, and many other options. As custom epoxy adhesives, they are formulated with specially engineered properties to suit various bonding needs.


Who is an epoxy adhesive glue manufacturer?

An epoxy adhesive glue manufacturer is a manufacturing company with great expertise in the production of adhesives from epoxies. This means that any customer can get a wide range of custom epoxy-based bonding solutions from these manufacturers on request. When it comes to the creation of custom adhesive products, it is important to understand the roles of an epoxy adhesive manufacturer. Throughout this blog post, we will focus on how industrial companies and customers can easily get unique epoxy-based bonding solutions.


Formulation of custom epoxy-based adhesives

Epoxy adhesive manufacturers focus on the formulation and production of custom epoxy-based bonding solutions. They easily achieve this through the combination of epoxy resins and various fillers, curing agents, and industrial additives. Manufacturers can add a wide range of chemicals and compounds to meet the unique needs of the customer(s). The manufacturers can produce a wide range of custom epoxy-based bonding solutions for glass, metals, wood, plastics, composite substrates, and many other materials.


Production of custom epoxy-based adhesives

A custom epoxy-based adhesive manufacturer usually works to produce a wide range of custom adhesives. Depending on the configuration of the industrial facility and their expertise, they may specialize in the production of other custom adhesives based on polyurethanes, cyanoacrylate silicone, and so on. Many of these manufacturers have large industrial facilities used for mixing, blending, and processing of raw adhesive materials. All of these materials are mixed in the production area of the facility to create the custom epoxy-based adhesive product. Many reliable manufacturers usually stick to industry best practices when producing adhesives and other bonding solutions. They impose very strict quality control measures to ensure performance and consistency with the custom epoxy-based bonding solutions.


Testing of custom adhesive products by manufacturers

Apart from formulating and producing custom adhesive bonding solutions, manufacturers usually conduct tests on the products. These tests are used to verify that the products meet the project requirements. They usually conduct extensive evaluations and tests to ensure that the custom epoxy-based bonding solutions match the requirements of the customer. Also, the tests are conducted to ensure that the bonding products meet industry standards. During the tests, the manufacturers evaluate the bonding solutions against a wide range of evaluation criteria. These include chemical resistance, temperature resistance, curing time, adhesion strength, and so on.


Packaging of custom adhesive products

Custom adhesive products come with unique packaging solutions. Manufacturers are responsible for designing and producing these packages. The packaging of the custom adhesives is usually done as soon as the products are produced and validated for safe use. They are usually packaged in various packaging solutions like tubes, bottles, syringes, drums, industrial tubes, or larger containers. The product packaging usually depends on the intended use of the product. It is important to add these custom adhesive manufacturers also design the packages to suit the dispensing of the product. They can also design packages that support automated product dispensing machines.


Distribution of epoxy-based adhesives

Custom epoxy adhesive manufacturers usually produce the right products for a wide range of industries. When it comes to the creation of custom epoxy-based adhesives, they usually create products for the electronics, construction, aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industry. These manufacturers usually distribute their custom adhesive products across a wide range of industries.


Purchasing custom epoxy-based bonding solutions from manufacturers

When it comes to purchasing epoxy-based bonding solutions from manufacturers, there are many ways to do this. It is either they are approached directly, or customers use other channels to get the products. In normal situations, custom epoxy-based adhesive manufacturers usually sell their products either through their distributors or directly to customers.


Availability of technical support for all customers

When it comes to the application and dispensing of custom epoxy bonding solutions, customers usually need technical support and directions. This is because custom adhesives usually have special components that require specific conditions and procedures to get optimal results. Since each custom adhesive solution comes with its own application and curing requirements, customers usually need technical support from the manufacturers when using such products. In a nutshell, a manufacturer usually offers technical support when it comes to the selection of a custom product, troubleshooting, and application techniques.

The role of custom epoxy-based adhesive manufacturers

Overall, custom epoxy-based adhesive manufacturers play a central role when it comes to making custom bonding solutions for numerous industries. They help their customers formulate different custom adhesives for different applications and environments. This is why diverse materials can be bonded and assembled with ease.

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