Here is what you don’t know about magnetic bonding adhesive glue

Here is what you don’t know about magnetic bonding adhesive glue

You probably don’t know that there are specially engineered adhesives used for bonding magnets! This is because you thought that magnets were simply standalone items that are used only for attracting iron and other metals. Magnets are very useful materials that are used for manufacturing a wide range of products. All over the world, manufacturers and industries create several product designs using magnets. This is only possible because of the wide number of bonding solutions for this special industrial material.

Bonding magnets in industrial applications
Magnets can be bonded with a wide range of adhesives in various industrial applications. Numerous adhesives act as magnetic bonding solutions. Some of these adhesives may need the use of metal fillers to produce high strength between the magnet and the other substrate. While magnetic adhesives are one way to ensure good magnetic bonding, there are other parameters to consider. The adhesive application method should be suitable for the materials. In addition, after applying the adhesive, the materials are usually cured with (ozone, heat, or UV light). After curing, the adhesive is usually reactivated to get the most optimal results.

The most important application of magnets
When it comes to the most important application for magnets, can be found in an electric motor. Electric motors come in numerous sizes and require various performance specifications. This is why magnet adhesive manufacturers continue to innovate to meet the demands for high-performing industrial bonding solutions. Apart from electric motors and generators, there are myriads of other industrial applications that require first-class a magnet bonding adhesive glue. Most people do not know that there are adhesives for bonding magnets. Additionally, the process of magnetic bonding is a very interesting one because of its attractive properties.

Industrial adhesives available for bonding magnets
Magnets are highly important materials that can be bonded to various substrates and materials. Due to its versatility, a wide range of adhesives have been engineered to ensure that it bonds perfectly with the required substrate. When it comes to the right magnetic bonding adhesive glue, there are several options. This includes:
1. Structural acrylic adhesives

This is the best magnetic bonding adhesive glue for applications that need a high peel strength, shear, and tensile strength. This special adhesive can also provide maximum impact and shock resistance. These adhesives can be used to bond magnets onto various industrial substrates. They can be used to bond magnets onto composites, glass, and metallic materials. As eco-friendly products, they do not have an offensive odor and do not emit toxic gasses. This means that they can be used in enclosed facilities but with sufficient ventilation.

2. Epoxy adhesives

Epoxy adhesives are highly recommended when it comes to bonding magnets to a wide range of materials. These special adhesives can be engineered to achieve various viscosity according to the application. You can really on epoxy adhesives for magnetic bonding when it comes to bonding applications that demand high performance and durability. Epoxies are also very versatile when it comes to magnetic bonding and will bond a wide range of engineering materials. They are known to produce very strong structural bonds with various materials like magnets, wood, composites, plastics, and metals. They are available in either the one- or two-part epoxy adhesives.

3. Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Magnets can be bonded using cyanoacrylates. Cyanoacrylates are special adhesives that can be engineered to overcome manufacturing and design challenges. They are widely applied when it comes to bonding magnets to various surfaces. Apart from magnets, cyanoacrylates can be used to easily bond materials such as plastics, silicones, composites, rubbers, and metals. Many of these adhesives are usually formulated to as to overcome design flaws that engineers encounter when bonding magnets. One important benefit of cyanoacrylates is the fact that they have very fast setting times. They can also be made in a wide range of viscosity options.

The process of bonding magnets
When it comes to achieving the right magnetic bonding with your facility, you need to ensure that you meet the right conditions. This means choosing the right adhesives, the dispensing process, and the curing method. Many adhesives used for bonding magnets are made to come in two parts. This makes it easier for the product to cure at room temperature. Also, when it comes to choosing magnetic adhesives, you should be careful not to impact the strength or polarity of the magnets. It is important in most cases to choose adhesive glues that need low temperatures to cure fully. This way, you will avoid destroying the magnets on the application of heat during curing. Magnets can be bonded by using either one- or two-part epoxies.

Ordering the right magnetic bonding adhesive glues for your operations
Many product manufacturers rely on the best magnetic bonding adhesive glues to create original products. However, they usually outsource their adhesives from original industrial adhesive manufacturing companies. Many experienced adhesive manufacturers have been in the business for many years. Some reputable adhesive manufacturers have been making adhesives for decades. This way, it is easier for product makers to order the right magnetic bonding adhesive glues. However, they will need to work with a qualified chemist to assist them in choosing the most ideal adhesive(s) for their production facilities. Adhesive manufacturers have a wide range of magnetic bonding solutions, but they can also create custom magnetic adhesives to meet special industrial requirements.

Technical support from magnetic bonding adhesive manufacturers
When it comes to buying and using a magnetic bonding adhesive glue, you can get top-tier support from the manufacturers. Adhesive manufacturers are known for their wide range of expertise when it comes to magnetic bonding solutions. These are adhesive application specialists who can provide technical support to all customers in various cases. They help in supporting customers when it comes to joint designs before applying the adhesive. They also help customers choose the right type of adhesive to use on a specific application. And lastly, a magnetic adhesive manufacturer will render a topnotch solution when it comes to helping customers enhance their production processes.

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