Features to identify the best industrial adhesive manufacturer

Features to identify the best industrial adhesive manufacturer

From construction to electronics, aerospace to automotive, every other sector relies on industrial adhesives. These adhesives can play a significant role in product efficiency, durability, and quality. Industrial adhesive manufacturers are those companies that formulate, produce, and supply these adhesives to the said industries and customers to satisfy their adhesion needs. If you are interested in buying industrial adhesives but are confused about the available industrial adhesive manufacturer then do not feel overwhelmed. It can be confusing to choose among the plenty of manufacturers. This is why, we have outlined the features you should look for in the industrial adhesive manufacturer. In this comprehensive guide, you can find all the features that help you to identify the best manufacturer to get your adhesives from. After going through this list of features you can choose the best manufacturer and make an informed decision for your business.

Features to look for

Here are the features that showcase that the manufacturer offers a product that is reliable, high-performing, and durable in use.


Product range: A manufacturer that offers a comprehensive range of products is surely the best find because you can get access to a variety of products under one roof. Ideally, you should find an industrial adhesive manufacturer who can offer a diverse range of products.


Consistency: Consistency is the key in every field. The best manufacturer is one who offers adhesives with consistent quality. The manufacturers who opt for quality control measures are better able to offer you adhesives with promised quality and features.


R&D capabilities: Continuous R&D is required to understand the latest trends, unveil modern procedures, and find innovative solutions to the customers’ adhesive needs. Choose a manufacturer who is committed to research and development. Investment in R&D helps the manufacturers to develop adhesives with better quality, better performance, eco-friendly aspects, and features that address the latest market demands. A manufacturer who has invested in R&D is the best choice because you know they will be always ahead of their competitors in finding innovative solutions for you.


Technical support: Manufacturers have different ways of dealing with customers when it comes to assisted and after-sales services. You should look out for a manufacturer who can extend technical support to you especially if the adhesives are used for somewhat complex applications. Technical support refers to comprehensive customer support ranging from help in product choice, application guidelines, troubleshooting, and optimizing outcomes.


Flexibility in production: the best manufacturer is one who can flexibly produce the adhesive. By flexibility, we refer to the packaging option, batch size, batch quantity, and delivery timing. A flexible manufacturer can produce the adhesives as per your specialized demands and consignment needs.


Customization facility: The adhesive requirements can vary from industry to industry and even from business to business. The best way to make sure that you choose the perfect industrial adhesive manufacturer is by finding one that offers a customization facility. The manufacturer should be capable of devising a custom formulation on your specific application and usage demands.


Supply-chain management: Choose a manufacturer that manages its supply chain. Managing the supply chain enables the manufacturers to ensure the availability of raw materials, manage lead times, and minimize disruptions in production. Also, if the manufacturer utilizes inventory management practices and backup plans to deal with shortages and logistics hurdles then it is a huge plus point. With such manufacturers who are prepared to deal with all the risks and deliver your adhesives right on promised time, you won’t have to face any supply issues. This is why choosing such manufacturers is the best decision you can make because they will never lag behind the scheduled delivery time and won’t disrupt your planned activities.


Environmental concerns: Every industry seeks products that are sustainable for use to save the environment from harmful effects. If you also want to invest in sustainable adhesives then you should look out for an industrial adhesive manufacturer who is committed to eco-friendly production methods with products that have the lowest volatile organic compounds, lower consumption of energy sources, and use recycled packaging. An eco-friendly adhesive can help you follow green practices and also extend a positive message to your customers that you are trying your best to be a responsible corporation.


Industry Reputation: you can also judge a manufacturer’s performance and reliability from its reputation in the industry. You can ask about the manufacturer in the industry circle, associations, online forums, and even from other industrial customers. The Customers who have already purchased and used the adhesives can also give you a realistic review of the adhesives’ quality, reliability, and performance. If the other customers are satisfied and feel that the product performance is up to the claims then it implies that the adhesive is worth investing.

Quality test and certifications: the best way to assess the quality of any adhesive is to check its certifications and quality tests conducted to judge the performance of adhesives. You need to find a manufacturer who regularly runs quality tests and seeks certifications related to adhesive performance such as bond strength, chemical resistance, durability, thermal resistance, and other such features. Also, the certifications should be received from industry associations or regulatory bodies that are trusted among the industrial circles. These certifications serve as a validation that the adhesives comply with the industry standards.


Cost-effectiveness: Cost is a very important factor when considering a manufacturer. Usually, we focus on the current cost we are incurring on the purchase but what is more important is the total cost of ownership (TCO). Total cost of ownership refers to the cost that you will incur until the product is in use. It refers to adhesives’ efficiency, durability, downtime cost, maintenance requirement, and relevant cost. The current cost of an adhesive might seem hefty but what really matters is the total cost of ownership. You need to evaluate the economic value and cost and choose the industrial adhesive manufacturer that offers great value and a low total cost of ownership.


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